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26 September 2010

denny santos 11

Denny Santos 2 an in writing clothes designer, are an self-proclaimed “weekend” lensaman. He accepted exposures by citizenry about the city lands turning point plantation route placed it on his web blog www.dannyst.com for people to enjoy.

Inspired by this creativity, an Indonesian designer Albertus Prawata or Berto proposes a similar project involving photographing and interviewing 365 people. He plans to finish in 365 days. Besides being a Jakarta-based designer, Berto is also a lecturer in the Architecture Department with Bina Nusantara University.

At 28 years old, he had finished his masters in architectural design from the University from new to Confederacy Wales, Australia. He has the human behind the web log, Tiga Enam Lima (www.3enam5.blogspot.com).

He made the mind from the World Wide Web. While browse the web some time ago, Berto accidentally stumbled upon Santos’ web log and he followed amazed from the photographs posted there.

16 Juni 2008

Farrey's lighting

I was very amazed Shopping online with a Web site with a variety of products, household products such as bath, ceiling fans, doors wear, kitchen showrooms, ventilation and lighting. This time, I just want to talk lamps, they offer on its website.

As anyone can imagine that a small store can turn into several million international company. To make a distinction in itself as the leader of the main unique asset quality and the best professional services. Knowing that customer satisfaction as a criterion for assessing the success of their most and the most important ingredients for rapid growth, thus providing customer satisfaction in all products offered.

Farreys.com thousands of lamps, including table lamps, floor lamps, bulbs mission, reading lamps, fine art lamps, lamps and torchieres piano in a variety of styles and lower prices of the top producers. The search products are really user-friendly, and we can use it to locate, either with the type, style, brand, design and price range.

The user friendly Farreys website has simple drop down menus that allow the customer to shop by price, product type, style or manufacturer. The online shop also has a web form for any questions you might have.

15 Juni 2008


HotelsCombined.com this new hotel search convenience / price comparison site. I believe that the hotel Combined (HC) associated with a hotel booking sites than any other price comparison of the hotel website. Now you can find on a site and find the best solutions.

Hotels combined is the only free tool that searches more websites, booking a hotel at the same time, to help you find the lowest rate instantly. HotelsCombined.com eliminates the need for a search of a large websites to compare prices and availability. This free service is an amazing economy of time and money!

I think about how the first page of that what you need to plan a vacation. At the top of the page is loaded, a calendar and check-out date, the number of foreign lot and the number of rooms requested. Later, the rooms are still available and the size of your travel party.

The lower side, the first page, you have three options:

1 Browse the country's HC-site in the geographical area where you want to stay.

2: a Search on the name of the hotel, if you have a favorite place to stay, or if you wrote to the hotel Award Program.

3: e Find another city.

If your search, click the search button.

You can find more than 200 countries, state and city. In a few seconds, you see all the options for your goals: accessibility, price, notes, services, photos and comments cards.

Once you have made your choice, you are connected in a better price reservation provider for your favorite hotel booking via the Internet.

HotelsCombined.com easy to use and saves time and money! In other worlds, they have the largest number of hotels and the lowest prices - this is no hype. Check for yourself and see the difference!

23 Mei 2008


incognegro hook up with the historical elements - the assault, in white, black, Harlem Renaissance - funny, action points - intense thriller, which makes packaging, so they strike home.

Zane, a newspaper in the early 30 pinchback for black journalists. It is a bit - enough to pass for white skin, while the company reports about the murder of a white South African men than compensate any sentence. He was tired, but he still lives in fear of disappointment written anonymously. The choice is his, or his own people for help.

Any changes will cause the journey once more, this time to save his skin darker brother, a white woman is accused of killing a person. pinchback is intelligent. People can not help the problem, it is preposterous to claim negros klansman, the jump in question, I really believe that anyone thinks. His idea to move the window, but the question of the family, but his brother is running Moonshine. Note, instead of proceeding, by pulp bulldog mix of sex trade, inbred hillbillies, piracy, kidnapping, revenge plots, murder and casual. Matt Johnson, author of the novel award, and he clearly knows his time he feels strongly about the subject.

Warren pleece clean and artists, magazine-style newspaper, which simplify the present image. The mood of the audience who are interested in our hands and say, different times, but similar. Some of the white pages of criticism to keep the skin without giving up a better idea. A similar white roses they want, especially African-Americans is similar to the darkness. But this misses the point. His skin was so moved a bit pinchback suit. If the color "Black", his enemies like an idiot to cheat on him, and therefore the risk of institutional racism suit the situation. If the color of the "White", from his readers to forget their true risk. Color cartoon, in most cases, do not have these types of subtle required to explore the boundaries of society.

Incognegro and the potential is a serious melodrama, wild talui point in history, forgotten. Johnson and the pleece questions about the book. Book Review and Brendan Wright. (Copies of this research is provided by the manufacturer.)

22 Mei 2008

Adventures of Mini Goddess

This whimsical series is a spin-off of the enormously popular Oh! My Goddess series, and has the three goddesses Skuld, Urd and Bell Dandy in miniature format. Together with her friend Gan-Chan (is a rat, of course), they have crazy adventures, which are so small in length as the characters are in size.

Adventures of Mini-Goddess requires no prior knowledge of the OMG series, and each of the tiny seven minute episodes are pretty much stand-alone, although some do refer to earlier episodes.

The first episode on this DVD contains Gan married to a boiler, the stories are very often extremely mad. If you see this as a negative, do not even think to buy it. It is predictable fun for those days when you feel a little brainless, not a huge lot more. Even so, I found it really started to grow in me after a few episodes.

The animation is above average, the slapstick comedy and character development completely absent. The nice thing about this series is that it is not too serious. It is full of parodies and even laughs at himself occasionally. You'll have fun watching if you have a silly sense of humour, but if you are heavily involved in this act a miss.

A short note on the sign. Although Gan was not present in the original series, it is quite important main character here. Most of the action revolves around him, while Urd and Skuld as a sign of support and Bell Dandy appears only rarely.

Bell Dandy and her sisters first appeared in the U.S. in 1994. AnimEigo the OVA series released on video, and Dark Horse serialised novel of manga as an experiment to see how popular these really crazy Japanese comics. Since Oh! My Goddess remained a firm fan favorite, has produced and the goddess mini spin-off series and a movie. A brand new series is currently broadcast in Japan.

20 Mei 2008

The living room of a Geek

Unlike tendria lounge as a freak, a Geek should take some appliances, virtually stationary.
Obviously, the computer with Internet is something more than fixed. It is a fact of life! A Geek, without interent, can not be Geek. But is there life beyond the computer and the Internet? Of course!

TV: The TV is a fundamental part of a salon. For those times that "we" relax Internet is good to be a while sitting / lying on the sofa watching TV. However, what has to take the TV? If we are wealthy Geeks something, we must have a flat screen TV. Of course, if we have a flat screen TV… we can not have a video player! Jaja! Ah! I forgot that we were about Geeks rich, jeje! Because if we have a flat screen TV, it is best to have an external hard drive with a remote control, which we can connect directly from computer to TV and TV to the computer. We are no longer will require the DVD's, CD's and videos of course. Directly, with the films that we have in Pc unloaded saved, it will be a matter of seconds view them on TV.
Before he had appointed the sofa of a Geek. But, how will the sofa of a Geek? Well into the girl's blog Geek, I found this perfect for the living room couch Geek

nd finally, if one of our passions is the pool, here he shows a pool table, placing it strategically in the living room, would be very very chula!

Thus, another day again commenting more appliances Geeks, surely many of you will have many many more essential appliances in your lives! Ah! If you believe in a lounge Geek should have something more, coméntanoslo!

19 Mei 2008

The first investment of a Blogger

After writing a few weeks or months in a blog one seeks to take the next step and wondered What do I do with my blog? Can I switch to a hosting payment? Is advertising contract to increase visits? Doubts that have no response until the run, but really, what should be the first investment by a blogger or webmaster?

In my view there is only one answer that takes a lot to the other: A domain name itself. Why? So why:

  • You can say that you own a name that you can turn into brand.
  • It gives you more presence on the network. Exactly because I do not understand, but having a domain name makes so-called "big blogs" you take into account more and more serious.
  • It is portable. You can change between hosting services free or pay your domain and always will be able to move along with your blog.
  • Purchase value. There is already a well-trained market selling domains with traffic that if for any reason, you need to sell can do so with relative ease.
  • They are cheap. They are only $ 10 or less you will own the domain for one year.
  • If you have good imagination or you're lucky to find a good domain will be easier for your readers to remember and to have a positive impact on the SEO.

Regularly I do not give recommendations, because I am also learning process, but having a domain strikes me as a basic and simple step that gives great big advantages. If you have an opportunity, a domain that is your first investment.

100 video tutorials to learn everything Blogger

Tremendo the material he has done Recognized Expert, over 100 video tutorials that teach you to use blogging from zero to use all options panel and various widgets. There are more than 7 hours of training that you've never met the entire operation Blogger.

The video tutorials are all in English, but with the basics to interpret the titles and images is more than enough to get the entire benefit to this resource.

clik :

02 April 2008

Howl's Moving Castle

In a fairy-tale world of the hilly landscape, cobbled streets and go dark castles, a young girl named Sophie plays the quiet routines of their lives. She works as Hatters in a small shop, surrounded by magnificent creations - but far from feels beautiful. Miyazaki's latest film is that it constantly ask what it means to feel and the beautiful, whether Sophie feeling, surrounded by the glamour to it in her studio, or roar, the main male lead, with a Tantrum of his hair .

At the beginning of the film, Sophie is a hat and was hassled by two dishonest and amorous soldiers. A large, blond man dashing swoops in to save her and Sophie is overwhelmed by its proximity to such a beautiful and charismatic young man. He is on the run from mysterious dark creatures and in the truest sense of the word sweep them from their feet and provide it with the word. He had them in the safety and disappears, Sophie has to wonder what they did to his attention.

But Sophie is not as safe as they thought, and the dark forces. Later a huge snail wife Sophie visits in the night, a curse on it. Getransformeerd to a very old woman, and not in a position to say that fate on the search for a cure. Is the love of the key to their lost youth?

The story begins slowly, the establishment of the domestic side of Sophie's life and give you the city where she lives. In the surrounding area have a Germanic feel Edwardian steam powered vehicles and hints of a distant war. Then, suddenly the pace of the story about the occurrence of roar that brings him with his impotence rakish personality and dignity, and his dark magic.

The English vote, especially Christian Bale, all this good work. In all honesty would be hard to top the performance Bale, and he will probably still a long way, his character, roar, move to the public. Billy Crystal as the fire demon, Calcifer either endears itself to those who are already fans, or other upset when his performance sometimes sounds very similar that have been improvised. Although never Crystal dominates the scenes in his strong accent comic then some people. The other voice actors, although some of them are high (Jean Simmons, Lauren Bacall) are neither poor nor exceptionally good, but they do their job well enough in conjunction with the background.

The character behavior is good, and you can see them in time. In particular, the scenes in which Sophie discovered until the completion of her body, her resulting confusion and behavior is very credible and warms up their fate. Even in the form of an old woman, the character is still attractive, and you feel for their situation. The film gives you visual cues as they finally break the curse and thus the films resolution is to be expected and natural.

The animation is excellent and institutions as diverse as the destinations roar of the magic door. The mixture of magic and steam flow produces a number of interesting juggernaughts of warships, flying gunboats, City bombing winged battle ships and even on foot castle, in which all the colors add to the film. There are brief scenes of a very dark and devastating war, but there is much attention to the daily routine of Sophie's more domestic activities and adventures.

Although there are a number of themes run, although this epic story, this is primarily a love story. The extension may feel a bit designed and ran when he ties together the many story, but please, everyone loves a cheerful and romantic ends.

21 Maret 2008

I’m Not Your Stepping Stone

During the work on a place, badly trained construction worker, Kazuya, meets and falls for the girl of his dreams. The largest problem? The girl younger brother, Masahi, a star student with arrogant series, has its objects of interest on Kazuya for itself. As Kazuya a voice makes to win, its High School diploma, Masahi and asks for assistance, hunger juvenile sexual wants only one thing as cashier's offices doing O-ring: Kazuya the body. This premise, together with the kinetic Shiuko Kanno, attractive illustrations, makes his way I is romantic and sexually loaded simultaneous not must for Yaoi own fan, like their stories, the two.

Both Kazuya and Masahi are interesting characters, confused about their feelings for each other and are not sure that this issue will be heated. Masahi refuses to admit that the crazy in love with the older man and a genuine affection behind a bad attitude for most of the time. Meanwhile, Kazuya has never been a loving man and he has certainly never been in the "host" during sexual intercourse. Brushes from the privacy than something to do if she wants the audit and its earning power level, but in a short time to realize that Kazuya Masahi said that his heart with his body.

Shuiko Kano has done an excellent job, all these delicious tension on the sexual life with his beautiful, well-detailed illustrations and designs unique character. It is easy to tell the whole world for themselves, and although the boys are very attractive, I loved how Kano's sister Masahi as cute, curves and regordeta young woman. This is not something usually in English, especially if the character is supposedly an idealized dream girl. In addition, the display tone throughout the book is great, maintaining all sides visually interesting, without too full.

I am not your springboard comes with a deserved mature content warning - this book is hot. Masahi can never get enough of Kazuya, and their sex is plentiful and explicit. No penises invisible in this Manga! Some of the language in its dialogues are also very much for adults, and there are a few scenes where the characters in some self-satisfaction. But do not let the intensity of the content you are distracted by the act, because a lot of character development, which is at the same time.

Another more about this book is that all 210 pages are devoted to Kazuya and Masahi. Despite the fact that he enjoyed the stories, the bonus pad from a large number of volumes of manga titles that are often unrelated to the main characters, is a refreshing change to find all the chapters I do not step after leaving the service of two stars. I must also point out how much I love 801 books for the media. They are constantly high quality broadcasts of great mangaka, and that spared no place in the paper or operations in color. This Manga is no exception.

Overall, I am not your springboard is one of the most fun and sensual Yaoi manga I've read this year. Shiuko Kano brings characters to life with a lot of good high sexual tension that makes this book a pleasant and highly recommended, reading.